Public Sex Private Lives

A documentary on porn performers Lorelei Lee, Princess Donna & Isis Love




“[T]he new documentary Public Sex, Private Lives…is looking like it might be the defining piece, perhaps even the first great doc, about the adult industry and some of its stars.”
- Peeperz

“Thank goodness that we live in the era that porn performers, dominatrixes and sex workers can now finally *actually* describe the work they do and what it means for them in their own words (as opposed to the past where others speak – often incorrectly – for these women). No more.”
- Violet Blue, Tiny Nibbles

“From photographer Thomas Ruff’s current show of porn imagery at the Gagosian to perennial discussions about the influence of porn on intimate grooming, sex workers lives have a lot to do with everyone’s sex life. But how many of us try to understand the life of a prostitute, porn performer, stripper…? Do we ever really get to hear the sex worker’s point of view?… Jude’s film promises to give a measured, in-depth look at the lives and motivations of three women in porn.” – BlogHer

“With all the sex-negative politicking going on these days, we could use some more high profile looks at women who refuse to let conservative social norms guide their views of fucking. “
- SF Bay Guardian

“I’m looking forward to seeing this because representing sexual lives is difficult…. this film is going to give a smart portrayal of three women who do this because they decided to and delve into the intricacy of why and what their lives are like as a result.”
- Saskia Vogel

“Princess Donna, Isis Love, and Lorelei Lee are the subjects of this documentary, and if you’re like us, you’re probably dying to know them better…Yes, the adult industry has been seeing increased mainstream exposure in recent years, but there’s still a huge stigma surrounding the performers and professionals of the porn world.”
- Fleshbot


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